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Vendors We Crush On: Solage Calistoga

The Solage Calistoga celebrated their new partnership with The Grand Bevy by throwing an amazing Mix & Mingle party last month complete with craft cocktails and a bridal show produced [...]

Vendors We Crush On: Wente Vineyards

We are so excited for this particular post for our Vendors We Crush On series because it is the first one where we are featuring our new drone! Today we [...]

Vendors We Crush On: Soulflower Design Studio

The latest Vendor We Crush on is Soulflower Design Studio. Soulflower is a company close to our heart - and close to our office! They are merely a few doors [...]

Vendors We Crush On: QuickFox Events

QuickFox is such a cool name for a company! Foxes are known for their sure-footedness, keen observation skills, and ability to adapt to their surroundings or appear invisible when necessary. [...]

Vendors We Crush On: Mandy Scott Events!

With her coconut milk mocha no whip in hand, Mandy starts every day before the sun comes up. Her super early wake-up habit was honed during daily trips to San [...]

Vendors We Crush On: Karen Bevels Catering & Events

I recently had the honor of shooting one of Karen Bevels' events. It was an elegant affair which very much matched Karen's cool and soothing demeanor. Karen Bevels is a [...]

Vendors We Crush On: Mission De Flores

Here at Orange Crush we have the opportunity to get to know many different kinds of amazing wedding vendors. Although many of them do similar things, they are all unique [...]

Orange Crush sponsor’s Solage’s Mix & Mingle

Orange Crush is so excited to be one of the official sponsors for the Mix & Mingle event at The Solage Calistoga next month. The Solage is celebrating their new [...]