Natalie Jenks

Associate Photographer

Which is your all-time favorite wedding image and why?

I had so much fun with Christina and Dan at their planetarium wedding day. Things got a little stressful when we found ourselves behind schedule so the cake cutting started off very tame…but then Dan got this little mischievous grin on face, grabbed a handful of cake and just went for it! Christina didn’t miss a beat; she quickly grabbed a handful and shoved it in Dan’s face. The stress of the day faded away and all the fun came back. It was priceless!

the image:


What is your favorite wedding-day story?

One of my favorite wedding experiences was when I photographed my friend’s wedding who is also a wedding photographer. She and I work together regularly and we were both planning our own weddings around the same time so we were debating certain aspects of the wedding, like whether to have a “first look” with our grooms or wait to see each other at the ceremony. Her husband-to-be really wanted to see her for the first time at the ceremony and as photographers, she and I preferred the idea of the “first look” to have a more intimate setting with less of an audience. They ended up waiting to see each other at the ceremony and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Their reactions to seeing each other for the first time was so beautiful; everyone, including myself, was crying — it was hard to see the camera in my hands! I’ve never cried so hard during a wedding; their ceremony was so touching and their vows to each other were amazing, everyone was in tears. It made me realize more profoundly how unique each wedding is and how important it is to make your wedding your own and plan what is important to you as a couple. Not to sound too cheesy (too late!), but the more of yourselves you put into your wedding, the more memorable and special it will be to you. Let go of any preconceived notions of how it “should be” and make the day what you want it to be.

Why did you decide to be a photographer?

I’ve always loved photography; in part because I’m such a visual person and also because I love how photos have the ability to take you back in time and relive a moment. It’s so fascinating to see historical photos of a different time and place, but more so in your own life to look back and remember the way things used to be. Because I’m a visual learner, I’ve always appreciated how photos can help with memory and for me, there’s no method more powerful to freeze a moment than photography.

What is your favorite spot in the Bay Area?

Mount Tamalpais is one of my favorite places in the Bay Area. It’s so close to the city and yet it feels so remote. There’s a ton of great hiking with really diverse terrain and stunning views and lots of hidden gems. I particularly enjoy Mount Tamalpais in the summer when it’s foggy along the coast; you can drive up to the peak above the fog line and be drenched in sunlight. It’s fantastic when you need to escape the fog and get some nature.

Portfolio Highlights

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When i first saw your portfolio in your studio, I was impressed by your talent and vision. Many thanks for all the gorgeous photos! They are very artistic and unique and will remind us of our special day and all the great moments we’ve done a fantastic job!

Elaine & Arthur