We are super excited to announce our Wedding Photography Giveaway winners! Congrats to Delphine and Manu who won a full day of wedding coverage with two photographers.  Everything about this couple and their wedding sounds AMAZING and we are super excited to be a part of it in October!  Congratulations again Delphine and Manu!

Here is a little about the couple

How did you meet?

We met in San Francisco at Crissy Field for our first date. We had a lot of common college friends and hung out in the same circles but somehow did not cross paths back then. Delph brought a picnic of grapes, cheese and crackers and we spent the entire afternoon hanging out with perfect SF weather and the Golden Gate Bridge. Both of us missed appointments that day because we were having so much fun together… And also because Manu ‘s watch was broken and so Delphine thought that an hour had only passed when really it was more like three hours!

How are your wedding plans going?  

Wedding planning has been going great! We are doing most of the leg work early and plan to DIY many things or have friends help out. Our wedding venue at Camp Campbell in the Santa Cruz mountains is fantastic, organized, accommodating and responsive to our needs which has made things go smoothly.  

What are you looking forward to?  

The best part of this wedding is thinking about all the amazing ways we can bring the people we love together. We picked our wedding venue because we wanted it to not just be a celebration of our union, but also one where we can celebrate all the wonderful folks in our lives who has supported and helped us succeed in our happiness. We love that there are a million group activities/games/sports of fun at the camp that all our friends and family can experience and bond over.  We hope that this will be a big reunion for many people. We are also looking forward to the Indian and Taiwanese/Korean food trucks that we will have for our rehearsal dinner, and the camp BBQ and talent show on Friday night.  

What has been the easiest/hardest part about planning?

Everything has gone very smoothly. We really haven’t run into too much trouble with planning and we were lucky to get the last date available at Camp Campbell for this year. I think the hardest thing about wedding planning is just ironing out the logistics and guest lists.

Besides marrying the love of your life what are you most excited about for your big day?

I think we are most excited to do our vows. We want the wedding ceremony to be inclusive and intimate. We want to incorporate both traditional but also unique components to our ceremony that speaks to who we are as individuals and as a couple. We want to find ways that allows our family and friends to participate in our union, so figuring out what concepts are important is something we are figuring out now.