Headshot - Julie Hallway (low res)

QuickFox is such a cool name for a company! Foxes are known for their sure-footedness, keen observation skills, and ability to adapt to their surroundings or appear invisible when necessary. And these traits are definitely true of Julie Miller and her QuickFox Events team.

The QuickFox Event team is a group of industry veterans, each with 10 – 20 years in the industry and each with expertise in different areas of the business – catering, design, registration, audio-visual, etc. Julie is a San Francisco native and has been producing events since 1994. Her very first event was a big one: the SFMOMA Grand Opening! Julie’s skills make her perfect for large, elaborate events. She loves producing weddings, corporate events and non-profit events when she’s not scuba diving or taking improv classes!

Our own Billy has recently shot a few events for Julie who is upbeat, gracious and diplomatic – all great qualities for someone who works in service. I personally love her personal courtesy and professionalism, and I love these shots that Billy took from two different events Julie planned, the Kelley Blue Book Awards and the YMCA Y for Youth Luncheon.