The latest Vendor We Crush on is Soulflower Design Studio.

Soulflower is a company close to our heart – and close to our office! They are merely a few doors down from the Orange Photography Studio, and we feel very close to them in both proximity and in our commitments to our community. In fact, you might remember that they kindly provided gorgeous flowers for our booth at the wedding fair in Rohnert Park we participated in earlier this year.


This is Emily Dreblow, Soulflower’s owner and creative director. Her work is inspired by art and fashion so she likes to add elements of non-florals (like pods and unexected things found in nature), but like Orange Photography, she and her team are determined to better our community by giving back. Soulflower collaborates with New Door Ventures to provide community jobs and mentoring to young people. They are committed to sourcing local and organic flowers and materials whenever possible, up-cycling event leftovers and making post event donations to community organizations that result in tax-deductions for their clients. What I think is really cool is that they offer their clients carbon offsetting to reduce the carbon footprint of their events to make a conscious connection to the environment without sacrificing their vision for an amazing event experience!

Katelyn walked down the hall to visit Soulflower recently, and I wanted to share the photographs she shot in their adorable studio!